Nokia Siemens comes up with a new mobile phone authentication system

Nokia Siemens Networks claims to have come up with a simple, but secure, authentication system for mobile phone networks.

Known as the Unified Attachment Node (UAN), the technology allows operators to use SIM card authentication for a variety of services.

Although the technology involved is complex, it boils down to the fact that a SIM card can automatically authenticate itself to a distant data connection.

This means that a mobile Internet user could securely access an online service, such as an e-gambling site, for example, without having to use unnecessary IDs and passwords.

Obviously, automatic authentication is unsuitable for online banking services, as there needs to be a degree of login control for the mobile phone user, but UAN is handy for basic security.

According to Nokia Siemens Networks, the technology is also multi-topology, meaning that it works transparently across WiFi and other non-GSM/3G data connections.

All interesting stuff. Anything that makes logging into simple mobile Internet services easier is a Godsend in my book - ever tried entering a 10 digit alphanumeric password on a basic handset?

If you have, you'll know what I mean...