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New SPAM Alert II – You’ve Got a Friend

Winter, Spring, Summer of Fall – whatever the season, we should all be vigilant about what is received in our email. Last week I posted an alert about “You've received a postcard from a family member!”

Spammers have cottoned on to the fact that unless the family member name is in the Sender box then people are less likely to open the payload.

So now they’ve evolved the Spam to

“You've received a greeting postcard from a school friend!”

Just as in our advice in the previous posting - delete this email immediately. A subtle aspect of all of emails of this type is that they provide a real web-address (in our sample’s case it’s at the end of the email. However the actual card that you are asked to download will go to a completely different address.

You can tell that then email is bogus due to the From: address listed. In our sample notice that the from address is

The details of the email look similar to this:-

-----Original Message-----

From: 1LoveCards.Com []

Sent: 02 July 2007 03:30

To: ben

Subject: You've received a greeting postcard from a school friend!

Good day.

Your school friend has sent you a greeting postcard from 1LoveCards.Cofirsm.

Send free ecards from 1LoveCards.Com with your choice of colors, words and music.

Your ecard will be available with us for the next 30 days. If you wish to keep

the ecard longer, you may save it on your computer or take a print.

To view your ecard, choose from any of the following options:




Click on the following Internet address or

copy & paste it into your browser's address box.




Copy & paste the ecard number in the "View Your Card" box at

Your ecard number is


Best wishes,