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US DoJ committed to tackling cybercrime

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) is committed to fighting intellectual property theft and cybercrime, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales told a small audience at a TechNet Northwest event in Seattle late last month.

Citing a number of initiatives the department has started in the last 12 months, Gonzales said that the indictment of Robert Soloway - aka the spam king - is just one of many hundreds of prosecutions carried out by his department every year.

According to Gonzales, the DoJ has 240 federal prosecutors around across the US, all of whom have been trained to tackle complex computer crimes.

Earlier in July, he told delegates, several of them met in Florida with computer industry experts to build up their training in how to respond to cybercrimes.

Interestingly, Gonzales went on to say that the DoJ has a similar number of prosecutors (240) who are specially trained to handle intellectual property theft investigations.

The US Attorney General said that his biggest concern is that piracy has become an easy way for criminals to raise money that could be used for other illicit activities, including terrorism.

"It's more than just a question of protecting IP; it's a question of security," he explained.

So next time you buy that pirate copy of Oceans Thirteen from your friendly neighbourhood store, think again -Ed.

Definitely - download it from the Net for nothing and cut out the middleman, is what I say.

Actually Steve, that's not really what I meant -Ed...