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BT total broadband offers free backup for your digital valuables

New and existing BT Total Broadband1 customers can now get extra peace of mind with free BT Digital Vault. BT Total Broadband customers will now receive 5GB storage with Auto Backup for their precious files and photos, more than doubling the previous offer.

BT Digital Vault allows users to store their digital valuables, from movies, music and photos, personal documents and presentations in a single secure online vault – protecting it against PC ‘crashes’, theft or accidental deletion. Customers can access all files stored in the digital vault in an instant from home, abroad or wherever they are online at any time they need.

Auto Backup removes the hassle of manually uploading files to BT Digital Vault. Customers choose which computer folders they want to back-up once and the back-up manager will then automatically upload the files each time they are changes or more files added.

Customers subscribing to BT Total Broadband Option 1 and 2 will receive Auto Backup for free for the first six months with our current offer*, whilst Option 3 will include 5GB and Auto Backup as a permanent feature.**

Emma Sanderson, director of value-added services at BT Retail, said: “Our research has shown that many consumers are not safely storing their precious photos and files, not thinking about it until it is too late and they have lost everything. Now we are making it easy for BT Total Broadband customers to securely store, backup and share their digital valuables in one place online.”

BT Digital Vault Plus with 20GB storage and Auto Backup is also available at £4.992 per month and BT Digital Vault Basic with 1GB storage is available free to non BT Total Broadband customers3.

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