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OrangeHRM reaches 50,000 downloads

OrangeHRM announced it has reached more than 50,000 cumulative downloads since February 2006, when the first version of the Open Source Human Resource Management System was released to - world's largest open source collaborative development website. In addition, OrangeHRM has been holding the position among the first 15 most active open source applications on for the past month.

The growing download numbers signify that OrangeHRM is gradually adding value and becoming more useful for the companies on all 6 continents, and is establishing worldwide user community, who contribute to the project. This is resulting in a product that matures rapidly based on response to market needs.

"Developing and managing the community is crucial", says Sujee Saparamadu, CEO of OrangeHRM Inc. "This continuously evolving collective knowledge base holds a positive consequence: speed of innovation. When delivering free open source software the number of users can grow fast. And because of the speed with which users, developers, and companies can post bugs, define expanding list of features, prepare documentation, translations and implement patches, the product lifecycle is shortened considerably"

By leveraging this community of users, developers and partners, not only the usability and scope, but also international adoption of OrangeHRM is continuously being improved. The latest release of OrangeHRM is available in Spanish, Russian and Danish languages. These language packs bring OrangeHRM closer to the users who do not speak English and ensure easier and faster adoption of OrangeHRM all over the world. At the present moment community members are moving forward with the multi lingual features of OrangeHRM and are working on Turkish, Dutch and Portuguese translations of the system.

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