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Palamida provides GPL v3 help

Palamida, a software risk management solutions for open source specialist, announced that it has enhanced IP Amplifier, the company's flagship intellectual property detection and reporting solution, with the addition of the GPL v3 analyzer functionality.

Further expanding their solutions and services, Palamida has also created a comprehensive GPL v3 online educational resource repository,, to assist organizations looking to implement software licensed under GPL v3.

The analyzer functionality gives IP Amplifier customers the ability to quickly identify products in their code base that are using, or have indicated their intention to use, the new license. As products and organizations make the switch to GPL v3, IP Amplifier's in-depth compliance library will be updated to reflect the additions, providing timely updates to organizations actively scanning for evidence of the new GPL and related OSS license concerns.

By providing a comprehensive IP IngredientsTM report of all open source software and known vulnerabilities, IP Amplifier offers an in-depth code base inventory, allowing organizations to proactively address intellectual property concerns and remediate a broad range of business and security issues.

"The GPL license has been the enabler of fifteen years of innovation in open source, and version 3 is equally important for the next decade or more. Managing open source licenses and their use is becoming a standard part of the development and deployment processes at many companies," said Mark Tolliver, CEO of Palamida, "As the broad-based and lengthy review process of the GPL comes to an end, the focus moves to practical decisions around its use. We are pleased to be able to offer the services and expertise of our team of license experts to create a unified source of GPLv3 information that provides both project teams and enterprise open source software users a centralized, online location representing the most up to date information available."

Convenient, Comprehensive GPL v3 Resource Center

In addition to adding the analyzer functionality to IP Amplifier, Palamida has created an online resource center at to assist organizations in understanding and tracking the progression of use toward the GPL v3. The site, available to all at no charge, will feature daily updates of information about the transition to the new license and will serve as a one-stop-shop for the most recent status summary of open source software projects that have adopted, or have indicated their intent to adopt, the new license. Comprised of a broad selection of coverage, Palamida's license experts provide a well-edited, relevant, and wide range of information from a variety of sources combined into a singular, easy-to-use resource.

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