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The £35 ‘PC’ arrives in the UK

Despite large sums of money being invested in technology in UK schools, education researcher, Futurelab, says we need an urgent re-think in how information and communication technology is applied.

NComputing, a US firm founded in 2003, is taking an innovative approach to bridging the digital divide worldwide. NComputing has re-purposed how the ‘PC’ is used and developed a solution that is now sold in over 70 countries; 90% of that is in education and the developing world. The solution is sold for just £35 per user and is used in schools across the US, Thailand, Turkey, the Phillipines, India and others.

NComputing has been reviving the '90s concept of thin-client and taken its own twist on the approach with a device that could give PC access to the masses. The company has developed an ‘access terminal’ [hardware and software] that allows any low-cost Windows or Linux desktop PC to be shared simultaneously with over 30 users, who still get to enjoy a full desktop PC experience. By harnessing the untapped power of existing PCs, thousands of schools and businesses all over the world have reduced their computing costs tenfold as well as minimising their environmental impact.

For developing nations, providing widespread computing access to its students and citizens has been a significant challenge. Different "affordable computing" initiatives have been offered, but all have had drawbacks.

NComputing bridges the digital divide with what is a simple idea done well, which has the potential to resolve our own digital divide. If money can be saved on the deployment of computing then the money saved could potentially be used elsewhere.

Education is not the only area that NComputing has penetrated, the solution is being deployed in public sector, SMBs and call centre environments.

Stephen Dukker, chairman and ceo for NComputing and Martin Booth, director business development NComputing, are in the UK to discuss NComputing’s plans for the UK and Europe and how this re-think on the humble ‘PC’ is opening up new opportunities for many.

We are scheduling 1:1 interviews or conference calls in London for July 12 with Stephen Dukker, chairman and ceo for NComputing and Martin Booth, director of business development. Prior to NComputing, Stephen Dukker founded and served as CEO of eMachines, a company dedicated to making computers affordable which was later acquired by Gateway.

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