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It's July and it's spam time...

The latest spamming stats from SoftScan, a specialist in the area, claim to show that spam percentage levels are back up in the nineties, with a whacking 90.06 per cent of email scanned during June classified as unwanted.

The MSP says that spam levels fluctuated throughout the month and some days saw levels drop to 86 per cent, but the company reckons there were less punters in the spam shop on the days in question.

"Changes in spam levels normally signal one of two things, either a change in tactics or more likely in this case, a drop in customers buying spam lists," said Diego d'Ambra, the MSP's CTO.

"Unfortunately I don't believe that this signifies a change for the better since the overall trend is so high. Like any other business, even spam shops also suffer poor trading days," he said.

June also saw SoftScan record its highest ever percentage of email classified as spam when it stopped 96.55 per cent of all email scanned, identifying it as junk mail.

Narrowly beating February's record of 96.22 per cent, the high level occurred during a weekend when there is less legitimate business email. Spam levels on weekdays during June peaked at 91.36 per cent....