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Zone-H launches marketplace for IT security research

Those nice research guys over at Zone-H (opens in new tab), I am reliably informed, have set up a Swiss IT security laboratory (opens in new tab)where researchers, security vendors and software companies can interact in an open market.

The idea behind the information exchange - known as Wslabi (opens in new tab) - is that IT security vendors can source hot-off-the-compiler information from the security research community.

If this sounds familiar, it's because a number of anti-virus firms did something similar in the early 1990s. The idea, sadly, foundered because of the immaturity of the market in those days.

Wslabi stands a good chance of succeeding, however as the IT security market has matured immensely in the last decade and a half.

That, coupled with the fact there are a lot of white hat hackers out there who would prefer to sell their coding exploits to the legit side of the fence, rather than the dark side, if you see what I mean, means that Wslabi could turn into a money-spinner.

Herman Zampariolo, Wslabi's CEO, said he and his colleagues decided to set up the new portal for selling security research because, although there are researchers who discover vulnerabilities, very few of them are able - or willing - to report it to the right people, owing to their fear f being exploited.

Interesting concept (opens in new tab) - a kind of eBay (vetted, one hopes) for IT security research - I think I like it...