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Business Packages E-Mail Gateway as a Virtual Appliance To Improve E-Mail Availability

A Vienna, Austria-based software company has greatly improved the availability of its e-mail gateway software by using OpenVZ operating system virtualization to rapidly move the software--live and on-the-fly--between servers.

Proxmox, Inc. offers its e-mail gateway software--Mail Gateway--as an OpenVZ virtual appliance. This extension to the Proxmox product line helps reduce service disruptions potentially experienced by its customers. Also, as part of its High Availability (HA) Cluster, Proxmox created a special software utility to make periodic snapshots of OpenVZ virtual environments to help automate the backup procedure. Combined, these functions deliver high availability for customers as an extra measure against e-mail downtime.

"Lots of software programs could benefit the same way with OpenVZ virtualization technology," said Kir Kolyshkin, manager of the OpenVZ project. "Proxmox is a great example of how software developers can easily enhance their products with our open source technology."

Proxmox builds Mail Gateway software that is used by customers worldwide in all kinds of businesses, ranging from those with just with a few e-mail users to companies with several thousand e-mail accounts. The Proxmox mail gateway is appropriate for businesses running their own e-mail servers, as well as Internet providers. The mail gateway product is and is available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish languages.

"We recommend running OpenVZ with our mail gateway for all people running Linux systems," said Martin Maurer, CEO of Proxmox.

"We found OpenVZ is absolutely the best performing and most stable virtualization technology available today for Linux," said Maurer. "In our experience, VMware Server is ideal for testing and for low traffic sites and VMware ESX is also suitable running high-performance environments, but it is never as fast as OpenVZ due to the low overhead of operating system virtualization technology. We tried Xen, but it is not yet stable like OpenVZ."

Maurer said the company plans to build on its experience with OpenVZ software and will offer the next version of its e-mail gateway product as a virtual appliance for the SWsoft Virtuozzo software used by enterprises. OpenVZ open source software is the basis for the SWsoft Virtuozzo virtualization software product. Customers will benefit from additional Virtuozzo management function.

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