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Gomez provides extensive cross-platform testing solution

Gomez, a provider of web application experience management, announced it has acquired BrowserCam to solidify its offerings for cross-platform web experience testing.

BrowserCam is a privately held company - headquartered in San Francisco – and is the established market leader in on-demand, web-based services for validating the end user experience during web design and development.

BrowserCam Screen Capture and Remote Access services allow web designers, developers and quality assurance (QA) engineers to validate the end-user experience on hundreds of possible combinations of operating systems, browser types and screen resolutions.

“There’s a lot to like about this strategic technology acquisition,” said Gomez CEO Jaime W. Ellertson. “Gomez gains additional technology expertise and accelerated entry into the on-demand web design and testing market, which provides further benefits to our collective customers. The acquisition also allows us to introduce the Gomez ExperienceFirst platform to web designers and developers who will be interested in our broad range of solutions for web application experience management, as their businesses grow and their needs change.”

BrowserCam’s Screen Capture Service gives web developers and designers the ability to see how their web pages actually render across more than 200 different configurations of web user environments. This helps them identify and isolate compatibility issues they might otherwise have missed, ensuring consistently superior web experiences.

The BrowserCam Remote Access Service gives web developers immediate, on-demand access to a vast array of testing machines. This makes the testing of dynamic page interactions and rich technologies such as javascript, Flash, and Ajax, easily possible.

BrowserCam services are provided in an on-demand, e-commerce model, and are available for purchase at Various packages are available, ranging from a single day to an annual subscription. Gomez will also integrate its previously announced RealityView solution for cross-platform testing with BrowserCam, which will be marketed as part of the Gomez ExperienceFirst platform of solutions for enterprise customers.

With the acquisition, BrowserCam will be marketed as BrowserCam, a Gomez Service.

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