Hackers really get to grips with the iPhone

As sales of the iPhone soar and eBayers fail to make a decent return on their purchase (fx: chortle), it seems that programmers and other interested parties are really ripping the mobile handset's operating system apart.

Latest reports from the US suggest that some programmers have managed to get full shell access to the OS of the handset, which, as I've mentioned before, is actually a stripped down version of the Mac's operating system.

According to various forum postings, having access to a command prompt under OS-X gives coders the ability to move files to and from the iPhone using T-FTP.

At the moment, coders need to re-solder some of the components on the iPhone's motherboard, but the end result will eventually be full access to all aspects of the mobile's operation.

This means that ring tones, videos and even the entire operating system of the handset can be moved, downloaded, uploaded and changed at will.

I think Apple executives will be more than a bit worried by these developments. Serves 'em right for restricting developer info on the new mobile handset is what I say...