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HDS launches new Telco Storage solution

Hitachi Data Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd, and FileTek have announced the Hitachi Content Archive Platform-StorHouse archiving solution, designed specifically to meet the requirements of the EU Data Retention Directive (2006/24/EC European).

Hitachi Data Systems believes that the new solution offers customers the most scalable, secure and adaptable content archiving solution available in the marketplace.

Under the EU Data Retention Directive, organisations providing electronic communication services such as telcos and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) must capture and store data from a wide variety of communications. This includes traditional fixed, mobile and Internet calls, email and messaging services. Member States must decide whether data should be kept for a minimum of six months or the maximum two years.

EU Member States must apply the Directive into their national laws by September 2007. Some Member States are implementing their national laws for immediate compliance, whilst others are adopting a phased approach. In any event, once fully implemented all data captured must be quickly and easily available to law enforcement agencies which are investigating serious crimes including terrorism.

Unlike many customers’ existing in-house archiving solutions, which were not designed with regulatory compliance in mind, the combined Hitachi Content Archive Platform-StorHouse solution fully meets the requirements of the Directive, which requires organisations providing electronic communication services to capture and store a Call Detail Record (CDR) for electronic communications. The CDR contains information about the communication such as time, duration, and location of origin and destination, but does not include the actual communication such as a recorded phone conversation. As the laws to be implemented by Member States are finalised, Hitachi Data Systems will be able to adapt its Hitachi Content Archive Platform-StorHouse solution to include any additional requirements arising over and above those set out in the Directive.

Hitachi Content Archive Platform-StorHouse solution is the only offering in the industry to retain CDRs in their original structured format thereby ensuring integrity. It also offers fingerprinting and encryption, which guarantees authenticity, and because the solution is based on open standards it can be cost-effectively integrated with current and future archiving strategies. It is estimated that up to one billion CDRs may need to be collected and retained within the course of a single business day and so IT managers will appreciate that the Hitachi Content Archive Platform-StorHouse solution eases the burden as it fully automates the management of the entire lifecycle of the CDR.

“In some Member States there is very little time left to comply with this important European Union Directive,” said Michael Väth, senior vice president and general manager, Hitachi Data Systems EMEA. “Because of this, we believe telcos and ISPs will welcome the opportunity to implement a proven solution which they know they can trust - one that’s been thoroughly researched, designed, tried and tested in order to fully meet the Directive’s compliance criteria. Not only does the Hitachi Content Archive Platform-StorHouse solution deliver all this, but it is also demonstrably cost effective and can be quickly implemented.”

Bill Loomis, CEO at FileTek said: “The Hitachi Content Archive Platform and StorHouse archiving solution are a natural fit. The combined products offer a cost-effective and easy-to-implement way for member countries to comply with the European Union Directive. However, the benefits of the Hitachi Content Archive Platform-StorHouse solution don’t stop there. The Hitachi Content Archive Platform-StorHouse solution can also be a catalyst for telecommunications providers to re-evaluate the way they archive and manage all corporate data.

The solution provides a comprehensive strategy for archiving CDRs and for consolidating disparate, standalone archival systems currently maintained for different business groups into one centralized data store. The end result is high data availability, high data accessibility, and enhanced information life cycle management throughout the enterprise.”

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