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BitDefender stresses need for better protection against maleware threats

According to BitDefender, many computer users still do not have adequate protection against malware threats. The conclusion follows publication of the company’s Top 10 malware threats for June 2007.

This shows that the top ten account for less than 40 per cent of the total number of threats. The P2P worm Puce.G claims poll position once again in June, while the second place in the gallery of malware goes to a new version of the Rjump worm, displacing the older (B) version which held the same position in May.

Although it accounts for only slightly more infections than last month (4.17% vs. 3.82%), Netsky continues to show up high in the list, climbing this month to third place.

BitDefender’s June 2007 Top 10 malware list includes:

1. win32.worm.p2p.puce.g - 9.57%

2. worm.rjump.k - 8.21%

3. win32.netsky.p@mm - 4.17%

4. win32.worm.vb.ymeak.a - 3.68%

5. - 3.22%

6. win32.worm.rjump.b - 3.16%

7. win32.wukill.e@mm - 2.10%

8. worm.seduobot.a - 1.99%

9. win32.worm.vb.nei - 1.95%

10. win32.brontok.a@mm - 1.70%

(Note: BitDefender’s June 2007 Top 10 list of malware accounts for 39.75% of the total number of all viruses seen in circulation.)

"It's worrying to see the same threats reported month in and month out,” says Viorel Canja, head of BitDefender Labs. “It appears as if many users still don't have adequate antivirus protection. A virus is extremely difficult to eradicate from the wild if it can keep finding new hosts.”

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