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Skype founding investor delivers major financial backing to United Mobile

Morten Lund, a founding investor in global technology giant Skype, is investing in the international mobile network operator United Mobile. United Mobile provides customers with its own network infrastructure allowing them to make outgoing calls at low rates and receive free incoming calls in over 80 countries worldwide.

“United Mobile has the solution we have all been waiting for – and the revenue I have been looking for” stated Morten Lund. He has a strong track record of successfully establishing and launching technologically innovative, financially profitable businesses in the internet and telephony industry. Morten was part of the business development team around the globally successful file sharing service KaZaa in 2002. Following this, Lund again worked closely with KaZaa founders Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis to create the international internet protocol (IP) telephony service Skype.

Morten Lund is a firm advocate of United Mobile’s business strategy of combining its services with so called Web 2.0 functionality. He commented: “The business rationale behind United Mobile’s decision to integrate Web 2.0 features into its service offering is compelling. The organisation’s key objective is to transfer the Skype model to the mobile phone for average Joe who is travelling. United Mobile will deliver a combination of Truphone, Jajah and Skype on a “One SIM card Service”. The company will be a leader in delivering free mobile telephony worldwide. This pioneering new business model will be widely adopted in the world’s leading mobile markets in the near future.”

The terms of the investment were not disclosed. Sven Donhuysen, CEO and President of United Mobile, commented: “It is a great endorsement for us to have a strategic investor with a track record like Morten on board. He is well connected and has a wealth of expertise of successful investment in the internet and mobile technology space. Aside from Morten’s important financial investment, his experience, expertise and strong business contacts were key strategic factors in making this major new investment deal happen.”

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