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GroundWork Breaks Ground on GroundWork University

GroundWork Open Source, the leader in open source IT Management, announced the commencement of GroundWork University, a new comprehensive training curriculum for GroundWork customers and partners.

GroundWork University offers GroundWork customers and partners all over the world the chance to receive training through various means – including classes, lectures, and hands-on lab exercises offered at GroundWork's corporate headquarters, on site at the customers' facilities or online.

The most compelling innovation in system and network monitoring today is being driven by open source, and organisations want to tap into the benefits of interoperability and extensibility that open source provides," said Ranga Rangachari, CEO of GroundWork Open Source. "GroundWork puts a premium on training, and we want to be sure to provide our customers and partners every opportunity to learn how to most effectively utilise GroundWork Monitor within their environment."

For students who have graduated from the University, GroundWork offers continuing education refresher courses and customised training for those who want to further hone their systems and network management skills.

GroundWork University curriculum includes the System Administrator Training course, which is a 3-day, instructor-led class that provides a comprehensive understanding of administrating GroundWork Monitor Professional so that users can support IT and datacentre operations. Other classes include:

Channel Partner/Project Engineer Training -- covering theory, best

practices, and demonstrations focused on deployment of services and project management procedures.

EMEA Partner Training -- offers partners sales, technical, and deployment training on GroundWork solutions.

GroundWork Monitor Operator Training -- teaches datacentre monitoring using GroundWork Monitor Professional

Finally, graduate courses offer GroundWork customers and partners advanced training for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of GroundWork Monitor and/or special monitoring topics. Information on course curriculum and schedule can be found at

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