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Indian mobiles get the theft-proof treatment

Interesting to read a report in the Indian press over the weekend about new technologies being introduced to mobile phones to make them more difficult to re-use if stolen.

Most mobile users will be aware there is a serial number (IMEI) (opens in new tab)blacklist which is shared between networks, but this is only effective on a single country basis and, if the serial number of the handset is re-programmed, then it can be used on almost any network without too many problems.

This, of course, means that most mobile phone criminals laugh at the blacklist antics of the networks.

But it seems that Samsung is doing its bit by installing non-removable software on several of its handsets sold in India. The software automatically sends a text message and/or email to a designated number/email address in the event of a new SIM card (opens in new tab)being inserted into the mobile.

These messages mean that, if the phone is stolen, the owner and/or the police have the SIM number of the new user and tracking them down is - in theory at least - just a phone call away.

According to the Indian mobile phone industry, between 1.2 and 2.0 million handsets are stolen each month in the country, which is why Samsung has developed the new technology.

Will the cellcos introduce it in the UK?

Your guess is as good as mine, as the powers-that-be in the UK seem to think that blacklisting is the answer to all their problems, when, of course, it clearly isn't...