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New service allows parents to snoop on their children

Parents will no longer be in the dark about what their children are doing on the Internet with the launch of Online Aware, a new monitoring solution from Cryptic Software.

Online Aware monitors over 320 categories of threat and risk including sex sites, paedophilia, music pirating, bomb making and suicide sites sending alerts to parents by email or text within six seconds of any questionable activity occurring.

It enables parents to overcome the fear that their children know more about computers than they do by giving second-by-second monitoring of what their children are doing on the Internet at a cost of just £19 per annum.

According to Dave Duke, Managing Director of Cryptic Software: “Online Aware gives parents a total understanding of how their children use the Internet. It gives the power back to parents whilst encouraging children to become more responsible when using their computers.”

The availability of Online Aware is a direct result of military research work, carried out by Cryptic Software, being made available to the public to protect children on the Internet.

The software is totally invisible to the average home computer user and requires no technical expertise to install.

It is downloaded from Cryptic Software’s global security site, which then automatically monitors online activity for over one million known threats.

As well as detecting when unsuitable sites are visited, Online Aware monitors typed text against hundreds of phrases to pick up instances of abusive or racist comments, the divulging of personal address details, paedophile grooming, suicide notes, etc.

Online Aware works over any Internet connection whether dial-up or broadband without affecting system performance.

It complements existing anti-virus and Internet security suites whilst providing a real alternative to traditional software solutions that simply block access to certain types of website.

Online Aware will also automatically pick up any questionable activities carried out using a laptop away from home at other Internet-enabled locations.