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Millions Lost Due To Missing Link Between CRM And Contact Centres

A recent seminar held by NewVoiceMedia, Europe's leading Hosted Telephony Service provider, highlighted how contact centres are failing to fully utilise CRM data to drive new business initiatives. The event which showcased Individual Caller Treatment (ICT), a concept pioneered by NewVoiceMedia, found that this missing link between contact centres and CRM is costing businesses millions in lost revenues.

Keynote speakers at the ICT seminar held at the IoD City in London included Ajaz Ahmed the founder of Freeserve, Paul Alexander, a pioneer of the Tesco Clubcard and David Beard of Sage CRM. Delegates at the seminar included marketing and customer service representatives from the airline industry, finance institutions, retailers and utility sectors.

The speakers also discussed the business drivers for personalised customer care and how contact centres are at the heart of any customer service strategy.

David Beard, Partner Development at Sage CRM commented "Whilst companies collected customer data and invested heavily on marketing campaigns to entice customers to make contact, many businesses fail to use the data they already have to use the contact centre to provide individualised customer care. Customers are at their most receptive when they call into a business. ICT will help businesses and contact centres provide the same level of highly personalised and interactive customer service that consumers enjoy online - over the telephone."

"Getting callers to hold for long periods of time or asking them to go through endless menus is not the best way to make a customer feel valued" added NewVoiceMedia's CEO Jonathan Grant. "ICT which combines CRM with telephony, offers businesses an intelligent marketing tool that can cross and up sell services to clients. It also has been proven to increase revenues by at least 5%, and massively boost caller satisfaction."

ICT allows customers to be automatically fast-tracked to their dedicated agent, based on their previous call or based on the information a business might already have about the caller. The customer can also be played relevant, targeted messages (PhoneAds) if for any reason there is any delay in putting the call through - messages that are designed to appeal to them as individuals.

"To be a business pioneer, it is important to do the obvious before everyone else thinks it's the obvious. I feel that what Google did for advertising and what Amazon did for retailing, Individual Caller Treatment will do for the contact centre," concluded Ajaz Ahmed, founder of Freeserve.

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