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Z1 launches new PDF email delivery system

Zertificon Solutions GmbH announces the availability of its version 2.1 of Z1 SecureMail Messenger significantly facilitating encrypted exchange of electronic messages by enabling confidential Email communication via PDF. The new solution features an optimized integrated Z1 KickMail delivery function providing for conceivably easy use and technical simplicity making it ideal for exchange of encrypted messages with all communication partners.

Z1 SecureMail Messenger stands out in that it, in contrast to traditional Email encryption solutions, requires no PKI technology and certificates for secure Email traffic with external communication partners. The message is exchanged over a web server via SSL encrypted HTTPS instead of via Email. Version 2.1 of Z1 SecureMail Messenger is now available and includes a host of new features and optimizations.

Encrypted Email Exchange Via PDF

A major feature of the new version is Zertificon’s enhanced Z1 KickMail transfer method. The function for on-the-fly encryption converts confidential messages including attachments into PDF documents enabling the easy transfer of the encrypted message (128 bit) to the recipient who can easily open the attachment by means of a password, read it and from the PDF reader import the file into his standard mail program with one single mouse click.

This transportation method has the advantage that no access to the outbound server is required any longer since it all happens client-based and fast and conceivably simply. The only prerequisite is that the recipient should have a PDF reader. He is, in addition, given the opportunity to answer confidentially.

The product offers further benefits such as electronic signature support, format or layout of the PDF (letter head, logo etc) archiving functionality for the recipient and it does not require any storing of messages on the Z1 SecureMail outbound server. The PDF feature is now also available in Zertificon´s new Z1 SecureMail Easy solution for the SOHO sector.

Version 2.1 of Z1 SecureMail Messenger, moreover, stands out for its easy use, automated processes, optimized high-availability, scalability as well as many other benefits. The Messenger is also available as stand-alone solution optimally compatible with the other solutions of the Z1 SecureMail family.

The solutions can be used across all vertical markets now enabling organizations and enterprises to communicate very flexibly, comfortably, and confidentially with their customers and business partners in an easy way – from attorney to tax adviser to bank.

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