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PINPads under attack in the US

It seems that criminals in North America have worked out a way to successfully tamper with PINpads used at petrol stations and supermarkets.

The tinkering is far from easy, so the criminals have started hacking the machines in their workshops and then swapping them out at various retail sites when no-one is around.

According to newswire reports, recent arrests in Vancouver, Canada, have revealed a gang of East Europeans that specialise in swapping out PINpads at a variety of retail locations.

The tampered PINpads continue to work as normal, but also have a secondary card reader inside them, as well as a keylogger.

When swapped once again, the criminals get access to a long list of card numbers and their associated PINs.

According to Vancouver police, the criminals print off cloned cards and wait until a public holiday before hitting the ATMs, drawing $250 a day for three or four days, before the accounts get locked down.

The situation in some areas of the US and Canada with PINpads is so bad that some outlets are using metallic cable to chain their PINpads to the sales desk, to prevent any PINpad swapouts.

The bad news is that it's impossible to spot a tampered-with PINpad, so the only way to realise you're being targeted for card fraud is to check your account online on a daily basis...