VNC modded to run remote Windows on the Apple iPhone

I was amazed to learn this week that the popular VNC remote PC application has been modified to allow it to run on the Apple iPhone mobile.

The move means that users of the iPhone can remotely control - as well as run applications on - a desktop PC running Windows!

According to iPhone forum postings, after loading a Windows PC with a copy of tightVNC, iPhone users can surf on over to the 5800 port on the PC's IP address and enter a password.

After that, the iPhone's zooming and panning features allow users to scroll around the remote PC screen, double-clicking the mouse and even entering text in relevant applications.

To enter text into programs, users simply select `Text Input' from the same menu, which will bring up the iPhone's normal keyboard.

Myself I'd prefer a small laptop or Windows PDA to access a PC remotely using VNC, but it does show you what can be done in what is increasingly looking like a must-have mobile phone.

When it eventually arrives in the UK, of course...