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Adult film industry fights piracy

I was mildly amused to hear that the adult film industry in North America has clubbed together to form the Global Anti-Piracy Agency (GAPA) to help tackle the problem of pirate videos, VCDs and DVDs.

The problem for the adult industry is massive, as whilst the regular movie industry has piracy problems, adult movies suffer from the fact that you can edit the film down to a relatively short segment and it's still - um - watchable.

I guess you wouldn't download a 10 minute segment from Silence of the Lambs -Ed.

Anyway, GAPA is based in Los Angeles (where else) and the plan is for it be supported by contributions from its members.

Eric Johnson, president of Sureflix Digital Distribution, who will serve as chairman of the board, said that GAPA is looking to members of the adult industry for organisational and financial support to ensure that the agency becomes an effective and independent organisation.

According to Johnson, the adult industry loses $2 billion a year because of file sharing, pirate servers, hackers, and illegal duplicates of its movies.

Considering that the adult industry is one of the most exploitative markets in the world, I don't think I'm alone in finding that statistics highly ironic...