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Golden Rant : Bluetooth spamming stupidity and the Police

West Yorkshire Police have launched a Web portal - - which seeks to showcase a variety of short videos from a number of the region's senior police officers and the Fire and Rescue Service.

The first video on the site shows how police are using mobile phones to spam - sorry, relay a message to - any Bluetooth-enabled handset that comes within range of the site of a recent crime.

The Bluetooth message contains a text advisory and a link to a Crime Prevention Advice video - suitable for viewing on mobile phones.

All admirable stuff, but stop me if I'm being pedantic here - if you're strolling down the street and receive a Bluetooth-enabled message, supposedly from the Police, asking you to click through on your mobile to a Web site, what would you do?

I'd almost certainly think it was a hoax - or spam at best - and delete it from my mobile without a moment's thought.

Unfortunately for us all, West Yorkshire Web site communications manager Patrick Brooke doesn't appear have thought through the consequences of the Bluetooth messaging initiative.

With the proliferation of video based Web sites and the movement towards an increasingly technology based workplace, this latest idea provides us with a new way of presenting policing agendas," he said.

Fine words Mr Brooke. Too bad most recipients of your Bluetooth spam will delete the important messages in the belief they are spam.

Welcome to the real world of mobile phones and spam. Pity they didn't teach you about that at Hendon Police Academy...