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Lantronix releases cheap 32-Bit Embedded Server

Lantronix has announced the MatchPort AR, a turnkey, application-ready programmable device server module that delivers highly-secure Ethernet connectivity and advanced web server capabilities for under $40 in volume quantities. MatchPort AR enables OEMs to rapidly network enable their products with the ability to send serial data over standard Ethernet with virtually no programming required.

Running on a 32-bit processor with the Evolution OS operating system, MatchPort AR provides the highest levels of performance available in an embedded networking module allowing it to address data-intensive M2M applications. Without burdening the main processor, this powerful co-processor enables OEMs to quickly create feature-rich, IP-enabled products for medical, security, retail/POS, industrial/building automation, metering, gaming and signage applications.

The MatchPort AR provides a platform for secure networking with SSH and SSL protocols, advanced web services such as AJAX, a full-featured protocol stack and SNMP device management capabilities. Now OEMs have the ability to rapidly develop network-ready, web-enabled devices that can be seamlessly integrated into enterprise networks by simply connecting the host microcontroller’s serial port to one of the MatchPort AR’s two available serial ports.

The second in a family of wired and wireless device networking platforms (the 802.11 wireless MatchPort b/g was released earlier this year), the MatchPort AR enables OEMs to future proof their products. By standardising on the MatchPort platform, product engineers can design-in the appropriate device network connectivity as their needs dictate – allowing them to match their price and performance requirements without having to redesign their end device.

“For OEM device manufacturers, time-to-market is of the essence,” said Marc Nussbaum, CEO of Lantronix. “One of the best ways to accelerate development is to consolidate designs for wired and wireless connectivity with a single hardware platform capable of supporting either configuration. The MatchPort family provides OEMs the flexibility to use a single-socket PCB design for fully-secure wired or wireless applications, thereby minimising engineering effort. With the addition of MatchPort AR to the family, we have delivered the extra security and processing power to enable OEMs to address a new class of data intensive applications, to seize new market opportunities, and further differentiate their products.”

To meet the ongoing demand for advanced security, MatchPort’s award-winning Evolution OS offers a variety of robust data encryption and authentication options including industry-standard secure SSH v2 and SSL v3 protocol support with a choice of AES, 3DES encryption coupled with SHA-1 or MD5 authentication. In addition, the MatchPort AR optionally provides end-to-end FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard -197 Compliant) AES encryption. The Evolution OS also supports public/private key infrastructures and provides the flexibility to use any key size to deliver ease of integration with host applications.

In addition to the advanced data security, Evolution OS was designed with robust defences to hostile Internet attacks such as denial-of-service (DoS) and port mapping. This ensures that the networking module cannot be used to bring down other devices or compromise the overall integrity of the network.

MatchPort’s integrated advanced web server can transform a standalone device into a fully-functional network node that can be remotely managed, monitored, and configured via a standard web browser – from anywhere in the world. Users can remotely monitor and collect information from the device in real-time using the CGI (Common Gateway Interface)-compliant server and send the information to dynamic web pages. Its integrated AJAX support delivers an intuitive and dynamic user experience for data acquisition and display. Additionally, it supports open standards such as “Cisco-like” CLI, XML and serial and Telnet management options enabling users to easily configure the MatchPort AR.

MatchPort AR handles the most computationally demanding or data intensive applications effortlessly with a 32-bit, 159 MIPS (Dhrystone 2.1) 166 MHz processor. With 8 Mb of SDRAM and 4 Mb Flash, it provides enough memory capacity for OEM customisation, loading web pages, and data ‘store and forward’ applications.

With a wide operational temperature range of -30° to 70°C, and providing the ability to select RJ45 jacks for a variety of requirements such as IEEE 802.3af-compliant PoE (Power over Ethernet), MatchPort AR is both rugged and flexible. In addition to network connectivity to the host device, there are seven available control pins (CP/GPIO) to allow customisable, pre-programmed responses such as email notifications, SNMP traps and alerts, and I/O control of device peripherals such as environmental sensors.

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