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Lite-On Get The Drop On Blu-Ray

Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions (PLDS*, the company that is responsible for the worldwide sales of Lite-On optical drives), have announced a strategic move on the pricing of its internal Lite-On Blu-ray Disc Drive LH-2B1S in Europe.

With the launch of its LH-2B1S in November 2006, Lite-On was one of the first brands in the world to offer a Blu-ray Disc Writer to the market. Due to an early global shortage of the actual Blu-ray lasers, prices of Blu-ray writers remained high relative to alternative systems and pricing had not moved since these were introduced.

"Now that Blu-ray lasers are not in big shortage anymore and we have accumulated enough stock of the product, we can lower the price and still fulfil the growing demand," says Katrin Ackermann, European sales Manager for PLDS. "We can see already a growing demand of Blu-ray.

It looks like the format is getting more popular now that there are more playback devices and movie titles available in the market. Now we have the possibility to lower our prices, to make our product available for a bigger group of customers and increase our sales quantity. We are expecting end-user prices of EUR 549 (£350 pounds sterling), around EUR 100 (£60 pounds) below the current average market price, for our new LH-2B1S in the near future."

The LH-2B1S is sold in a retail box that includes a free SATA-cable and one BD-R disc. The drive can write BD media at 2X, while it also read and writes CD and DVD media. Blu-ray is the perfect solution for those who need high capacity optical storage capacity. A single layer Blu-ray disc can store up to 25GB of data, which is five times more then a DVD.

PLDS believes in the Blu-ray format and will continue to develop new Blu-ray products. Besides the current 2X BD Writer, PLDS is working on other Blu-ray solutions. Recently, the upcoming external version of the Lite-On Blu-ray drive was awarded with a prestigious red dot design award for its 'high design quality, expressing innovation in form and function in an exemplary manner'. This product is planned for commercial launch later this year. Furthermore a 4X BD Writer is on the roadmap.

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