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Fake name generator for your pleasure

My jaw sunk to the floor yesterday when Desire Athow, the Linux guru at NetCommunities HQ pointed out the existence of a fake names generator on the Web.

Located here (opens in new tab), the site seems to be the brainchild of Jacob Allred who is reported (opens in new tab)to have been fed up with entering personal information on Web sites to gain access to useful information.

The site seems to come up with fake info that is relevant to the country required, creating fake names, email addresses and even phone numbers that are correctly formatted.

The UK phone number generator is quite sophisticated, for example, generating mobile, as well as personal, numbers in the 07xxx numbering group.

It's a useful site, apart from the fact that it could be used for the darker side of t'Internet, including signing up to controlled circulation information services on the Web.

According to some reports, the site (opens in new tab) generates a lot of fake IDs, with around 100 names and allied data generated each minute at peak times.

Where's all this information going, is what I want to know...