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MasterCard offers card risk-management courses...

Apparently bowing to card merchant requests, MasterCard has started hosting a risk-management diploma course (opens in new tab)across the Asia-Pacific region (opens in new tab)as part of its ongoing program to combat payment card fraud.

The card services firm says it hopes to help train security professionals in the payment sector to recognise and stop existing, as well as emerging, types of card fraud.

According to MasterCard, participants can secure first-hand knowledge from security experts on how to spot unusual card activity, mitigate fraud, and collaborate with law enforcement professionals.

"Even though credit card fraud is at a historical low, we can drive this even lower," said Barry Wong (opens in new tab), MasterCard's senior business leader and regional head of security and risk services for Asia-Pacific.

Newswire reports suggest that, even though MasterCard - like most card issuers/companies - doesn't reveal the scale of its card fraud, industry estimates suggest that fraud has reduced by as much as 90 per cent in the Asia-Pacific region as a result of a move to chip-based cards and anti-fraud activities generally.

MasterCard says it is offering the course to bona-fide security professionals who have at least three years' industry experience.

The course consists of five modules, and each module costs US$850.

Course material ranges from a basic understanding of fraud and risk management; to specific areas such as e-commerce risk management; PIN security & risk management; security management; and enterprise risk management.

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