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NCR working to reduce Indian ATM fraud

NCR, one of the world's major ATM manufacturers (it says here -Ed) has announced it is working with a number of banks across India, in a bid to cut down on the level of cash machine fraud.

According to Nikhil Mhapankar, NCR's solution marketing manager for the region, although ATM fraud has yet to reach a peak in India, card skimming and the use of duplicate cards is beginning to be a major problem.

Interestingly, he said that, although these types of ATM fraud were highly prevalent in developed nations like Malaysia and the UK, it is still only sporadic in nature in India.

This is why NCR is working with Indian banks to develop technology to stop this type of fraud.

According to one newswire report, NCR has developed a Fraudulent Device Inhibitor (FDI) unit that can be retro-fitted at potentially fraud-prone ATMs and so prevent many different types of fraud.

NCR isn't saying how the FDI works (big surprise -Ed) but Nikhil is also quoted as saying that the company has developed a package called `Solid Core' that can spot ATM frauds as they occur and take remedial action.

I wonder how Solid Core works? I doubt we'll ever find out...