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Zmanda Delivers Powerful New Way to Manage MySQL Backups

Zmanda announced that its Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL is now available with the Zmanda Management Console - a set of powerful graphical tools designed to simplify and accelerate the complex process of MySQL database backup and recovery.

ZRM with the Zmanda Management Console can dramatically reduce the workload of a MySQL database administrator (DBA) while providing enterprise-class, MySQL-specific backup and recovery.

"Backing up MySQL data is a business-critical task for DBAs at thousands of Web 2.0 companies and other data-driven enterprises," said Dmitri Joukovski, Zmanda's vice president of Product Management. "ZRM is the only comprehensive backup solution that addresses the unique needs of MySQL databases -- such as multiple database storage engines. The new graphical management console means secure, scalable enterprise-grade MySQL backup is more manageable than ever."

ZRM: Open Source Backup Solution Specifically for MySQL Zmanda's ZRM for MySQL is the only comprehensive, enterprise-class backup and recovery solution designed specifically for MySQL databases. An open source solution, ZRM delivers robust backup and recovery functionality to help MySQL DBAs prevent the serious damage caused by data loss in the event of system or database failure.

ZRM is different from traditional backup solutions that simply provide an agent for MySQL as part of a more general, system-wide backup process. It features MySQL-specific functionality, such as storage engine awareness, to meet the enterprise-class requirements of the MySQL DBA.

The new version of ZRM includes a range of updates and additions to deliver added simplicity, security, flexibility and support:

* Simplicity - Zmanda's new comprehensive Management Console for ZRM lets MySQL DBAs graphically explore MySQL database servers and choose which database and/or tables to back up. It also gives DBAs the power to choose where, when and how the backup will occur and to create detailed reports.

* Security - ZRM allows DBAs to delegate responsibility and set specific privileges of MySQL databases within their database network.

* Flexibility - Zmanda has added plug-in support to ZRM for MySQL, allowing partners and DBAs to create their own plug-ins to drive snapshot mechanisms.

* 24/7 Enterprise-Class Support - For those customers who need the extra level of support, Zmanda has now offers round-the-clock, 24 x 7 Premium support.

"As the role of the DBA has become more complex, simplifying critical ongoing operational processes like data backup have become increasingly important," said Robin Schumacher, MySQL's director of Product Management. "Zmanda's ZRM with the new management console can make backing up MySQL data much easier, giving DBAs the peace of mind that their MySQL data is protected, even in demanding production environments."

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