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Myspace outperforms all other SN sites

MySpace announced that it is outperforming all other social networking sites according to multiple metrics. America’s leading and most trafficked website has crossed the 70 million active monthly unique user mark in the United States, meaning that nearly one in four Americans used MySpace last month, according to newly released data from comScore MediaMetrix.

comScore MediaMetrix’s new data shows that users are more engaged on MySpace than on any other social network; the site gained two billion page views from May to June. Total time spent on MySpace by users is three times its closest competitor and the site continues to lead in average minutes spent per person per month with more than 200 minutes on average, according to comScore. Additionally, among teen Internet users MySpace ranks as the brand with the highest overall Differentiation and Brand Stature, according to Young and Rubicam’s industry standard BrandAsset Valuator.

A report issued yesterday by Forrester shows that nearly 80% of 12-17 year olds use MySpace at least weekly which is three times more than any other social network.*

“This is just the beginning of MySpace’s evolution and we’re excited to see the continued growth and engagement among our users,” said Chris DeWolfe, CEO and co-founder of MySpace.

“Whether uploading a video, registering to vote, or catching up with friends, MySpace continues to be a central part of people’s lives.”

“MySpace is clearly leading the social networking category with the largest, most engaged audience as compared to all other social networks,” said Jack Flanagan, executive vice president of comScore Media Metrix. “Our data also shows that MySpace continues to grow at a strong pace."

“MySpace is in a unique position as one of the strongest, most valued brands in the highly coveted teen audience,” said Ed Lebar, managing director of BAV Consulting. “Our BrandAsset Valuator showed MySpace as outpacing all other social networks and portals in terms of brand Differentiation and Energy.”

comScore MediaMetrix Data Overview

The latest data from comScore MediaMetrix shows that across four different user engagement metrics users are more engaged on MySpace than on any other social network:

Average Visits per Visitor

· MySpace users visit the site 20% more often than the closet competitor in the social networking category

Average Minutes Per Visitor

· MySpace users spend about 10 minutes more each month on the site than the closest competitor in the social networking category

Total Monthly Minutes Spent

· MySpace has 3 times more minutes on the site than its closet competitor in the social networking category

Average Daily Visitors

· MySpace gets 3 times more visitors on the average day than its closet competitor in the category

This week, MySpace UK broke the 10 million active user mark according to comScore, meaning that approximately one in six people in the United Kingdom are on MySpace and, according to statistics. As the leading social networking community in the UK, MySpace has seen its growth triple, up 286% from 3.6 million users since its launch in April 2006 to this week’s landmark milestone of 10.2 million users.

MySpace's total unique U.S. visitors in June are 70.5 million, an increase of 1.6 million unique visitors compared to May. MySpace's total U.S. page views in June are 46.4 billion, an increase of 2 billion total page views over May's 44.4 billion, according to recently released comScore data.

This success comes on the heels of the recent global launch of MySpaceTV and explosive video growth driven by user interface changes and dozens of industry content partnerships. According to comScore, 38% of people streaming video on the Internet in the U.S. are doing so on MySpace and the company’s total number of unique streamers has gone from 35 million in January to more than 50 million in April,** a 40% increase in past three months. Future integration with Fox Interactive Media’s recent acquisitions of Flektor, a cutting-edge online media editing tool set, and Photobucket, the number one photo sharing site online, are expected to help continue driving MySpace’s explosive video growth.

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