Network Box warns over Skype eavesdropping

Hard on the heels of the Great Skype Outage of late last week comes news that Network Box, a managed security firm, claims that Skype could be undermined by an insider working to open hidden back doors.

In a short report entitled `Skype - Friend of Foe?,' Network Box suggests a number of ways n which Skype could be compromised.

The problem, it seems, centres around the fact that Skype uses a proprietary protocol. Whilst this ostensibly allows the VoIP client software to escape detection, it also makes monitoring the integrity of a Skype call equally difficult.

According to the report, the security of the Skype system depends entirely on the good will of Skype's programmers and the organisation running Skype's back-end servers.

"It is possible that there are back doors in the system, allowing the Skype organisation - or others - to eavesdrop or record Skype conversations," the report says.

Hmmm - given Skype's increasing wobbliness on UK calls over the last few months, I'm becoming less impressed with the service by the day, both in terms of quality of service and its security.

Shame really - it could have been so much better...