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Mobile workers are the IT manager's worst enemy

Research just released by Trend Micro, the veteran IT security vendor, says that the more mobile a worker is in a company, the more likely they are to try and circumvent the safeguards that the IT manager and his team have installed on the company IT systems.

According to Trend, there are points of weakness that even the most locked down of laptops can't block, including Instant Messaging and Web chat services.

The researchers also found that mobile workers also engage in risky online behaviour such as visiting social networks or downloading movies whilst hooked up to the company systems.

In the US, 58 per cent of respondents with access to the Internet outside the company network admitted to sending confidential information by Webmail, such as Google's Gmail or Yahoo Mail.

The risky business approach isn't limited to the US, as Trend says it found similar behaviour in Europe and Japan as well - respondents from Germany, the UK and the US all admitted to downloading files and movies, as well as visiting social networks while on the company network.

In Japan, desktop workers were worse, with 60 per cent admitting to downloading executable files, compared with only 49 per cent of mobile end users.

The problem, says Trend, is that mobile workers tend to be more IT savvy than their office-bound colleagues, which means they're more likely to give something unusual a go...