Hackers getting stuck into the iPhone's software

It's not just the network lock aspect of the Apple iPhone that hackers and crackers are getting involved with - latest reports suggest that the coders are getting their teeth into modifying the front end to the operating system.

Some reports suggest that the limitations of the iPhone screen - which `only' has 16 application slots on it - are being by-passed as users roll up their coding sleeves.

Already users can download a new arc-shaped Dock application to pan across multiple applications, and there's also a scrolling home screen modification that allows users to scroll through as many applications as they want.

The Dock is the latest software modification from Nate True, and it allows you to access other applications from within almost any front-end application.

The scrolling home screen hack is called SummerBoard, and extends the SpringBoard front end by allowing users to to scroll down their applications.

The software reportedly features a open-ended API, which the developer plans to exploit by releasing other applications later in the year.

You know, by the time the iPhone is released in the UK later this year, it's going to be just about the most modifiable mobile phone ever...