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Zmanda Launches Enterprise-Class Open Format Backup Solution for Windows

Zmanda, a specialist in open source backup and data protection, announced a new version of its flagship Amanda Enterprise backup software with enhanced commercial-grade functionality to protect critical corporate data throughout an enterprise. Amanda Enterprise now features a new Zmanda Client for Microsoft Windows, major security upgrades and 24 x 7 technical support -- all in an easy-to-use, affordable open source solution.

"Amanda Enterprise has always delivered robust network backup functionality for a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions, and it is now ready for widespread enterprise deployment," said Chander Kant, Zmanda CEO. "With an even higher level of enterprise-grade functionality, businesses can deploy Amanda with complete confidence that it will safely protect data throughout an organization and is fully supported by Zmanda."

Amanda Enterprise is a business-ready version of the popular Amanda open source backup and recovery software. Initially developed in 1991, Amanda has been battle-tested and proven by the open source community for well over a decade and is estimated to protect more than 500,000 systems around the world. Zmanda's Amanda Enterprise solution adds the enterprise features, technical support and accountability to make Amanda a cost-effective, powerful solution for protecting critical corporate data.

"Zmanda has taken the popular open source Amanda backup software and made it a safe and smart choice for any organization," said David Hill, founder of market analysis firm Mesabi Group. "With Amanda Enterprise, businesses can avoid the high prices, product complexity and vendor lock-in that are all too common in the storage industry."

Amanda Enterprise now features a new Zmanda client for Microsoft Windows, which provides full support for Windows file systems, including support of Access Control Lists (ACLs) and extended file attributes. Zmanda Client for MS Windows offers new backup flexibility, including:

* Backup of Windows files in native format. Amanda's unique use of the native Windows format gives customer the option to recover their files even without Amanda being installed. With all other backup solutions that capture customers' data in proprietary formats, customers cannot recover their own data unless they have a valid license from a proprietary vendor.

* Backup of open Windows files. With the new Zmanda Client for Windows, backups can be done without closing an application and without interruption of a production system.

Amanda Enterprise has been enhanced to provide a high level of security to protect an enterprise's critical corporate data, including:

* Role-based access control for backup and recovery operations. This allows recovery of files by only the rightful owners. For example, a backup operator with certain permissions can recover only accounting files and not engineering files.

* Support for Security Enhanced (SE) Linux. This allows Amanda to be implemented in highly secure environments, such as military and government.

* Highly secure access to the Zmanda Management Console (ZMC) over the network and from the Internet. ZMC is a web service that simplifies management of Amanda.

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