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Mobile Shopping Mall solution launched

Technology from Dialogue Communications is behind the UK's first mobile shopping mall, 2shop4, which launched its trial service today and is set to challenge the way mobile users shop. 2shop4's unique software has been developed by the Microsoft Certified Team, Evevoy Developments and Hero-Solutions. Evevoy Developments are Mobile Tier One Partner whom are exclusively operated by Dialogue Communications.

2shop4 will allow users to buy products instantly through the mobile internet and text codes. Shopping adverts for global brands, high street shops, supermarkets, travel agencies, sports and film tickets to name a few, will appear across multiple media outlets including bill boards, magazines, TV and online, advertising a 2shop4 Buy-Now code or keyword which shoppers can text to purchase goods.

The shopper texts the 2shop4 code or keyword; such as 'Flowers' to 84777 and receives a 2shop4 Buy-Now WAP advert direct to their mobile phone.

The user then selects the advertised product and buys it via a secure payment system and the goods are delivered to their home.

SMS technology behind 2shop4, has been supplied by Dialogue Communications, an interactive mobile specialist, the UK Managing Director, Guillaume Peersman, is excited to be involved in this unique mobile shopping service:

"2shop4 is pushing mobile shopping into a whole new area. Before this service launched, buying on mobile was very limited and this service will bring a whole new dimension to mobile shopping. Dialogue is very excited about being involved in such a forward thinking project, as we pride ourselves on our innovative attitude in the mobile market and

2shop4 most certainly is that. Working with Evevoy, we believe 2shop4 will provide shoppers with a truly unique shopping experience."

Following an initial trial phase, 2shop4 will be launched in the UK in October, expectations of global services available within 2008. Evevoy is in talks with leading Global Advertising Network for exclusive rights to 2shop4. 2shop4's mobile Buy Now shopping service will enhance the marketing and advertising campaigns of its clients.

Andrew Curry, Chairman of Evevoy is looking towards the Brand's future:

"2share4 is currently being developed for Buy-Now Stocks and Shares, which will include a brand charity loyalty programme. Evevoy team's will continue to be the architect and developer of innovational, commercial and technological products by working with trusted brands as global strategic partners or VARs."

2shop4 works on all UK mobile network operators and the system allows payments to be made with MasterCard, Maestro, Paypal, Visa, Delta and Switch. 2shop4 shopper lifestyle and gift profiling, keywords and codes can match clothing sizes, brands, products and services to the 2shop4 shopper needs.

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