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Philips scores DRM deal with Sunniwell for PayTV boxes

Philips has secured the first major deal for its VTrack DRM (digital rights media) technology with Sunniwell, the IPTV set top box manufacturer.

The deal is an interesting one, as it calls on Sunniwell to install the DRM technology on its set top boxes, which are being rolled out by IPTV companies around the world.

The deal is also noteworthy as Sunniwell's latest range of boxes, which were shown at IBC in Amsterdam last week, include support for HD (high definition) IPTV transmissions across cable and satellite TV transmission systems.

Philips claims that VTrack has been designed as a consumer friendly system that does not restrict personal use or sharing of digital entertainment.

Instead, the technology encodes a digital watermark in the recording made on an IPTV Box. If the transmission resurfaces on a pirate medium, the company claims it can trace the source of the signal right back to the set top box which recorded it in the first place.

Which basically means you're well knackered if you get caught pirating HD IPTV transmissions...