Skype worm spreading across IM channels

I was interested to see that a new worm is apparently attacking Skype users by spreading across the VOIP client's chat or Instant Messaging (IM) facility.

According to some newswire reports, the worm affects users of Skype for Windows by sending out false IM requests to Skype users around the world.

Reports suggest that Skype has already been in touch with IT security software vendors to develop patches for their products to stop this type of IM chat.

As a user of Skype from its earliest days, I've always kept my privacy options locked down on Skype when it comes to chat requests.

This followed on from random chat requests - apparently from African Skype users - wanting to buy gold bullion and pay for the stuff using Western Union.

Well, they could have been legit traders -Ed.

Skype users - you have been warned...