Parents can now take over their kid's mobile

An Aussie company has released a piece of software that it claims allows parents complete control over their kid's mobile phone.

Meg Dennis, co-founder of Leopard Labs, which developed the software along with Kaspersky Labs, claims that the package will help parents to control their kids phone bills, stop cyber-bullying and help ensure that kids are not exposed to adult content on their mobile.

The software, which is loaded on to the mobile and then managed over the Web, is billed as allowing users to filter out inappropriate Web sites, control all text and picture messaging and block access to premium rate text and phone numbers.

Dennis said the complete software package, called Mozone, which her company has been working on since 2005, will be available to buy from the firm's Web site later this year.

The interesting news is that Mozone is not limited to usage in Australia, but can work in any country where GSM mobiles are sold.

I predict a lot of mobile phone using kids - not all of them in Australia - getting upset with their parents...