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China beefs up its IT security operations

Hard on the heels of the alleged hacking of government computer systems in Germany, the US, the UK and - it seems - many other countries, I was amused to read a press release (opens in new tab)from the Chinese government about the upgrading of its CERT center. (opens in new tab)

Just like the Computer Emergency Response Centers in the US (opens in new tab)and elsewhere, China's CERT operations seek to act as a national headquarters for information dissemination and warnings about IT security issues.

The Chinese CERT operation, however, appears to be relatively insular in nature, only alerting government agencies and companies within China about the latest IT security issues.

The code name for China's CERT - actually CVERT as it has a virus in its name - is Online 110.

Zhang Jian, the director of Online 110 (opens in new tab), said that more than 90 per cent of computers in China have been attacked by viruses so far is year with many users also being hit by phishing emails.

Jian added that phishing emails, in fact, have been a serious problem for Chinese PC users since the spring of last year, with large numbers of Netters' bank account details being lifted as a result.

I guess this just goes to prove that, despite what the Chinese government would have us believe, Chinese PC users have pretty much the same problems that we do here in the West.

And have also been successfully hit by phishing attacks...