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RIAA evidence-gathering part 194

The RIAA (aw, bless -Ed) is experiencing something of a backlash from US Netters who appear to be less than impressed with the association's methodology when it comes to evidence gathering against video and music pirates.

Matters took an interesting twist at the weekend (opens in new tab)when a group called MediaDefender-Defenders (MDD) leaked what appears to be the source code (opens in new tab) to anti-piracy watch-dog MediaDefender's software toolset.

MediaDefender, in case you were wondering, is a private agency allegedly used by the RIAA to collect evidence against suspected filesharers.

Late last week a copy of a MediaDefender email was leaked on to BitTorrent, detailing how the company was attempting to derail the filesharing of Spiderman 3.

This latest leak (opens in new tab)appears to be a complete set of MediaDefender's filesharing evidence-gathering software, which is reportedly used by the company on the Kazaa, BitTorrent and Gnutella filesharing networks.

The software is reported to be quite complex, with no less than 16 different tracking utilities for use on the BitTorrent network alone.

MDD claims it received the leaked source code directly from a MediaDefender staffer.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that MediaDefender and the RIAA are going absolutely apesh*t over the release of source code - and are conducting a witch hunt - sorry, investigation - into the affair.

This could get interesting. Read more on the saga here... (opens in new tab)