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Viking Direct dips toe in SaaS

Users of Viking Direct’s new dedicated online business services provider, The Business, will now be able to subscribe to Nasstar’s software broadcasting service.

Nasstar supplies software broadcasting or software-as-a-service (SaaS). Businesses pay by subscription for software and file storage, saving time and money on IT installation and maintenance, allowing them to concentrate instead on the core business.

Nasstar’s Hosted Desktop allows users access to a desktop, documents, file storage and applications from any location, using internet access or a mobile device.

The system is automatically upgraded, and backed up, and subscribers can access 24 hour technical support. The Hosted Desktop is instantly scalable for a changing number of users and removes the need for upfront expenditure on servers and software licensing.

Nasstar’s Hosted Exchange supplies email, contacts and calendars via Microsoft Outlook with universal access via a Windows Mobile or Blackberry. With access from any location, users can minimise down time and easily maintain contact with clients and colleagues when away from the office.

Viking Direct has launched The Business to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) maximise their time and money. A range of services are available to Viking Direct customers including car rental, accountancy, marketing services and insurance.

Charles Black, chief executive of Nasstar plc, said: “The Business offers Viking Direct’s customers access to a range of essential business services.

“Nasstar’s Hosted Desktop and Hosted Exchange are innovative and cost-effective alternatives to traditional on-premise software. For a small business there are numerous added benefits. Staff can have access from a mobile device, maximising productivity and enabling quick and easy responses even when not in the office. Support is available whenever needed with no unforeseen expense. Budgeting for IT can now be completely straight-forward.”

Su Roberts, Marketing Manager – Brand & Communication for Viking Direct, said: “Small businesses not only need to manage costs and time, but they also need easy access to required services without having to search for a recommended provider. The Business offers Viking Direct’s customers a range of services from many market-leading companies.

“With Nasstar’s software broadcasting services, customers can benefit from the latest software and access from any location. The added savings available by ordering through The Business make this an exciting opportunity for SMEs.”

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