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Financial Organisations should plan ahead to get top IT talent, says recruiter

Financial organisations are lagging behind the retail and distribution sector in planning ahead for IT talent reveals a survey by IT recruiter for the insurance and financial services sector, Highams Group.

The independent survey of IT directors and managers of UK companies employing more than 1,000 staff, showed that almost half of financial services organisations plan their IT recruitment needs on an ad hoc basis.

Only around a third (30%) planned their IT recruitment needs a year in advance and only 15% looked half a year into the future.

Dave Pye, CEO of Highams Group, said: “So many projects in the financial services sector are IT driven and are rarely just dropped on an organisation.

It’s therefore surprising that so much recruitment is carried out on an ad hoc basis especially when the sector is also saying that its recruitment needs are largely for permanent rather than short-term interim or contract staff.

“We’re finding that the lack of forward planning is sometimes resulting in financial organisations missing out on the best IT candidates.

There are good people out there but it can take up to six months to get them on board in permanent roles.

Planning ahead will mean that the right people with the right skills are available when the organisation needs them.”

Pye added that better planning would be helped by having more IT directors on boards of insurance and financial services companies.

“Giving an IT director a place in the boardroom means they will be well aware of the organisation’s aims and objectives and will therefore be able to better plan projects and the talent needed to see these projects through on time and to budget.”

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