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Zone Labs launches its ForceField technology

You probably hadn't noticed, but Zone Labs hasn't done much to update its firewall technology for several years, mainly because its ZoneAlarm technology is so good.

Until this week, that is.

The company is quietly beta testing a successor to ZoneAlarm in the shape of ZoneAlarm Forcefield (opens in new tab), which carries the memory sandbox concept over to the firewall environment.

The idea behind ForceField is quite simple - whilst firewalls protect the computer operating system, ZAFF protects the Web browsing environment with layers of security.

Rather like an onion, in fact.

Central to the ZAFF technology is a virtualisation system (opens in new tab)- which Zone Labs calls its `bubble of security' - that stops any browser-based exploits from breaking through into the main PC environment.

This means that, even if you are fooled into loading a Trojan on to your PC, it remains trapped in the browser environment.

ZAFF's interface displays a nice force-field `aura' around each browser window to show that it's active, which is a nice simple touch.

What I really like about ZAFF is that it allows users to choose whether to install new software that you download.

I suppose some might view this as a flaw, but you have to allow some programs through, as otherwise you'd never be able to upgrade your software. More info on ZAFF here... (opens in new tab)