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Email Systems Pioneers Web 2.0 ‘Tag Cloud’ Functionality In Web Filtering Space

Web and email management specialist Email Systems has unveiled a first in the web filtering space with the launch of tag cloud functionality – a staple of many web 2.0 services globally – to clearly indicate to CTOs what is being accessed online at-a-glance.

The service, which complements Email Systems’ existing web filtering analysis toolset and is being rolled out across the user base as part of a scheduled upgrade, represents the first time that employers can have access to behavioural information regarding web usage within their business in this way.

A term and feature which has risen to prominence with many of the so-called ‘Web 2.0’ online services – such as, and Flickr – which focus on re-presenting user-generated content, Tag Clouds are groups of words or short phrases which are presented as a cluster.

In some interpretations of the technology, all words in the cloud are of equal size and therefore implied importance.

However Email Systems’ take on the Tag Cloud presents words which are being accessed more frequently in a larger font and emboldened to demonstrate not only the range but also the frequency of keyword searches.

The administrator can then click on any word or phrase as a hyperlink to access usage actual logs and thereby identify relevant user details.

This technology is particularly targeted at the many employers that are beginning to consider how to enforce their corporate data usage and security policies, particularly when there is some concern regarding whether resources are being misused or abused.

Email Systems has specifically developed the service to give a great depth of analytic information than has previously been available in a format that is easy to read.

Access to sites - including Google and YouTube - are analysed to determine the keywords or phrases that were used when the search was made by the user.

Consequently, administrators can determine how much time is being spent on these sites and specifically whether the usage was commercially justifiable.

Neil Hammerton, CEO of Email Systems commented: “Since our web filtering service was launched we have seen rapid uptake from both our existing base and new customers that have compared and contrasted the service either to an existing system in place or a competitor under consideration.

The Tag Cloud functionality demonstrates our intention and ability to listen to and engage with customers to meet their day to day business requirements.”

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