Windows Vista for under a tenner - certainly sir

I was intrigued to be offered an obviously pirated copy of Windows XP whilst trotting (in a squiffy state) to Manchester station one night late last week.

The sales gent said the copies were pirated but included a full keygen that allowed the operating system install to pass the Windows Genuine Advantage test.

All this for a tenner.

Somewhat skeptical, I declined his kind offer - and anyway, I generally try not to buy pirated software and movies as the dosh only seems to go to finance criminal activities.

Much better to cut out the middleman and download from the Internet free of charge - Ed.

But I digress. I bought a new battery for my mobile yesterday and was surprised to see a series of banners on eBay proclaiming the auction site is now actively removing counterfeit items.

So I tapped in the words Windows Vista into the search box and was greeted with hordes of `digital delivery' versions of Vista for - you guessed - around a tenner.

So much for Windows Genuine Advantage. So much for eBay's anti-counterfeiting drive. What a joke...