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McAfee research shows how many dweeb PC users there are

I must confess that trotting around to various shows and conferences has exposed me to IT security savvy computer and Internet users, leading me to be believe that punters' understanding of security issues is getting a lot better.

Hah - don't you believe it folks, as research from McAfee and (opens in new tab)the NCSA (opens in new tab)suggests that, whilst 98 per cent US Internet users are aware of the need for security, only 48 per cent of punters had updated their security software in the last month.

Considering that my copy of AVG Anti-Virus 6.5 - the free one - updates itself by default every day on my laptop, that's a pretty staggering statistic.

This is no theoretical report (opens in new tab), either, as the survey was conducted over the phone and respondents had their computers probed over the Internet by NCSA software to examine how secure they were.

The survey also found that 87 per cent said they use antivirus software; 73 per cent said they use a firewall; 70 per cent said they use anti-spyware software; and 27 per cent said they use anti-phishing software.

Incredibly though, whilst 81 per cent had a firewall installed on their PCs, only 64 per cent actually turned it on.

On top of this, researchers found that, whilst 70 per cent of punters claimed they had anti-spyware software, only 55 percent actually had it installed on their machine.

What a joke. Read more on the survey results here. (opens in new tab)

Have a good weekend everyone...