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Google snaps Jaiku, Another web 2.0 company

Google is on an acquisition roll. The search giant has purchased Jaiku for "an undisclosed sum", according to Internetnews (opens in new tab).

Jaiku is a micro-blogging which lies somewhere between Twitter and P0wnce and is particularly good at allowing registered users to update their "jaikus" via their mobile phones.

With Google's Gphone release rumoured to be just a few weeks away, Google might be looking to do some spread betting by acquiring a number of "cheap" companies hoping that at least one of them is THE killer application for the Gphone platform.

Leading Tech commentator, Tim Oreilly, explains in one of his posts on his Oreilly radar blog (opens in new tab), why he's so hooked on Jaiku.

As Mr Oreilly nicely puts it, Jaiku is "a mobile company in the business of creating smarter presence applications.

Far from being a runner up behind twitter, they are a leader in a category most people haven't fully grasped yet."

It seems though that Google considers Jaiku to be a real bargain and will not suffer the same fate as Dodgeball (opens in new tab), a mobile social networking website company that Google acquired back in November 2005 and which has faded into oblivion.

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