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D-Link Launches Single Bay SATA NAS Enclosure

Sharing and storing music, photos and videos is set to become even easier for consumers following the introduction of the DNS-313 1-Bay SATA Network Storage Enclosure from D-Link, the end-to-end networking solutions provider for consumer and business.

The DNS-313 1-Bay SATA Network Storage Enclosure is both easy to set-up and use. It is also feature rich, boasting a built-in UPnP AV media server to stream digital content to compatible media players, such as those found in D-Link’s MediaLounge product line. The DNS-313 also features support for iTunes – so that the user can find and play music directly from the D-Link box.

The DNS-313 is powerful and flexible too. It accommodates one 3.5” Serial ATA (SATA) hard drive of any capacity, and also accepts a USB connection, to serve as Direct Attached Storage (DAS) for any computer. Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to the network is included to maximise performance when used with a Gigabit switch or Wireless N router.

Backup software is also included, allowing users to backup their files from a computer manually, in keeping with a schedule, or in real-time. These real-time backups are an excellent way of safeguarding against unfortunate accidents that may result in the loss of important files, such as system loss or virus infection.

The Download Scheduling feature allows users to set up scheduled folders or file downloads from an FTP or web server. What’s more, an intelligent Power Management feature allows the drive to enter a hibernation state, in order to save energy and extend hard drive life.

Based on the Internet Protocol (IP), the DNS-313 is not tied to any particular operating system and is suitable for use in Windows, MAC or Unix environments. The DNS-313 includes an FTP server, allowing files to be accessed remotely over the Internet as well as on the local network. Users and/or groups may be configured and assigned to folders with either read or read/write permissions.

Despite its advanced features, the DNS-313 has been developed to be simple to set-up. The product CD includes D-Link’s respected Click’n Connect (DCC) utility, a wizard designed to easily guide anyone without prior technical knowledge through installation. D-Link’s Easy Search Utility is also included, allowing users to locate the DNS-313 on the network and map the hard drive so that it will appear in “My Computer” on the PC.

Andrew Mulholland, UK Marketing Manager, D-Link, said: “Creating and sharing digital content is no longer the domain of technology enthusiasts. Today, digital cameras, music players and phones are mainstream devices that play an important role in our lives. With the DNS-313, D-Link has enabled the average consumer to maximise their enjoyment of digital content by making it easier to share with family and friends, and store securely.”

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