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SAP to Acquire YASU Technologies

Recognizing the increasing importance of the new breed of professionals who help companies create and manage business processes, SAP AG announced the intent to acquire YASU Technologies, a privately held leader in business rules management systems.

SAP will embed YASU Technologies solutions into its market-leading technology platform, SAP NetWeaver(R), to provide the business rules infrastructure that allows companies to move their strategies forward and better maintain compliance while saving time, resources and money.

The acquisition of YASU Technologies is continuing evidence of SAP's strategy to use targeted, fill-in acquisitions to complement its broad solution offering and successful organic growth strategy.

Extending its footprint in the business process management (BPM) market, SAP will use technology from YASU Technologies to enable SAP customers to consistently apply business rules to their business processes across heterogeneous computing environments.

Empowered with the ability to centrally manage and monitor how business rules are maintained throughout the organization, SAP customers will be able to more easily comply with regulatory policies and better manage their business performance.

With this announcement, SAP enhances its BPM offerings and provides customers with the agility they need to easily embed new business rules in business processes, increasing their independence to create solutions while ensuring compliance.

Solutions from YASU Technologies will enable customers to encapsulate business rules as enterprise services that are independent of applications.

As business process experts build new applications, they can easily reuse and apply these services to ensure that business decision logic, including rules that ensure compliance, is uniformly used throughout their enterprise applications.

There is a growing demand for tools and technologies that can enable the work of business process experts -- those who design new business processes to drive innovation and efficiency in today's dynamic business environment.

Strong demand for business process skills can be evidenced by the dramatic growth of the industry's leading community designed specifically for these new process professionals -- the Business Process Expert community, hosted by SAP. Created as an outgrowth of SAP's ecosystem strategy, membership in the Business Process Expert community has grown exponentially from its inception to now include more than 200,000 participants in just the first year.

The community provides a peer-to-peer, open exchange of ideas and advice for those who manage processes in the business world.

"The momentum and maturity of the Business Process Expert community makes it clear to SAP that we need to support these professionals as they develop increasingly sophisticated ways to align IT with business goals," said Klaus Kreplin, corporate officer and member of the Executive Council, head of SAP NetWeaver Technology, SAP AG.

"This acquisition gives our customers the solutions they need to be more agile, accountable and responsive to quickly changing business conditions. We welcome the YASU Technologies team to SAP and look forward to adding these important capabilities to SAP NetWeaver."

Incorporated in 1999 with locations in Hyderabad, India and the United States, and with 120 employees, YASU Technologies has delivered its business rules management systems to customers across diverse industry sectors including insurance, banking, mortgage, telecommunication and manufacturing.

A visionary in business rules management systems, YASU Technologies brings market-leading capabilities and expertise to SAP.

Solutions from YASU Technologies enable customers to centrally manage and monitor how business decision logic is formulated and maintained throughout their enterprise applications in a cost-effective manner.

Technology from YASU Technologies will be embedded into the SAP NetWeaver technology platform as part of SAP NetWeaver(R) Composition Environment, a solution that gives developers tools to easily compose new business scenarios and adapt existing ones, and will enable partners to integrate the solution directly into their offerings.

With an expanded BPM portfolio, SAP can give customers new innovative ways to govern business rules across multiple organizations and ensure that business processes comply with centrally defined business rules.

"Business process experts realize that business rules management systems are critical to helping IT translate business sense into business applications," said Satish Madhira, CEO, YASU Technologies. "Our solutions are known for providing customers with high levels of automation and agility in their business.

We're excited that the extended SAP ecosystem of developers, business process experts, customers and partners will be able to use our technology to lower costs, enhance compliance practices and optimize their performance."

The acquisition is expected to close in October 2007. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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